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From the introduction:
“Both the scientist and the mystic are explorers of space. With deepening exploration they come to see that the way we experience space is an indicator of our states of consciousness. Our views of reality influence the questions we ask about how we are living on the earth. It’s also the task of poets and philosophers to examine these questions, to see if it’s true that we are on the path toward the higher consciousness that alone will allow survival of the earth as a human and animal dwelling place.”

“How do the places we live in shape us, influence how we love, change the calling of our work? These are the questions Alice Scheffey’s delicate book addresses, making clear that the presence of where we dwell is always blooming and dissolving within us, moving us toward whatever we are to become. Place itself becomes a character equal to the well-drawn humans who people this book, illustrating just how one house on one piece of land can bring out dreams and nightmares, longings hidden and unspoken. With particularly sensitive prose, Alice Scheffey tells one woman’s story in which every woman will find a piece of herself.”
— Susie Patlove author of Quickening

Alice Scheffey studied English Literature at Cornell and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan. She worked in Boston at The Atlantic Monthly and taught school children for the Massachusetts Audubon Society. She is a naturalist, writer and poet who lives on the edge of a New England forest preserve.

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