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Eric Chester’s The Wobblies in their Heydey and Yours For Industrial Freedom available together for $30

“Using sources that had been previously unavailable owing to federal government document classifications policies, Eric Chester proves beyond doubt that President Wilson and his Justice Department—assisted by the U.S. military and its intelligence services—worked assiduously to put the IWW out of business. Chester’s description of the anti-subversive crusade by federal authorities during World War I and their linking of domestic radicals with violence or terrorism proves yet again how government uses its legal authority to crush and punish dissenters and mavericks.”
—Melvyn Dubofsky, Distinguished Professor of History and Sociology Emeritus, Binghamton University, SUNY

“Chester has established a new watermark for historical understanding of the IWW.”
—Staughton Lynd, Author and Activist

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