The Magdalene Poems


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Love is actually a being that lives through us and many dimensions, the most ancient traveler of all. Magdalene was inhabited by it, as was her sometime teacher, sometime disciple Jesus the Christ. Together they, perhaps more than anyone else, embodied the will of love through death, incarnations and movement through the solar abyss. They left a message for us, a portal, a passageway through which we can all travel. Join them and be partly human, partly divine, taste god in all its permutations and be transformed in the luminous mystery of their experience. This is not a scientific treatise or a brief respite in the flight from body to body. It is a call of awakening into the bright memory we all share. Come, dare this lyrical blasphemy.

“Nowhere in the new Testament is there an indication that Mary Magdalene was more to Jesus than one of several devout women followers. But in this volume, Edward Bruce Bynum raises and answers the question: “What if…?”. Here this superb wordsmith creates two completely original characters involved in an intimate relationship. Readers who are willing to accept the difference between the Biblical holy Christ and the imagined one will be richly rewarded.”
—Naomi Long Madgett, Detroit Poet Laureate; Author, Connected Islands and Pilgrim Journey

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