The Luminous Heretic


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What happens when we awaken from the great trance, walk freely among the objects of the world, meet their gaze, sense each has a secret, a direct connection to the vital center of the world? Every place has a vibration; every district of experience has a street name and a root that moves up slowly or suddenly, driven by a sublime form of appetite. This is the terrain, the inner landscape of The Luminous Heretic. Back from death and willing to enter it again, he makes no sacrifice in the temples of reason and fear but walks naked between both of them. Neither dream nor body nor simple contradiction of logic and image we often settle for; he is the worshiper of the darkness that coils within us, knows we are the light we are searching for.

“His work in The Luminous Heretic illuminates the psyche previously in the dark. Images are masterfully produced and resonate deeply within the soul. With deep passion Bynum shares the world using language that rocks the spirit. In sharing his journey the reader discovers the labyrinth of his own inner world.”
—William Boylin, Ph.D., Psychologist and author of Bedlam

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