Reflections on the Roots of U.S. Involvement in Korea


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From Preliminary Remarks:

The Price of Hegemony
Managing an overextended empire has not been an easy enterprise for those who have tried over the past centuries. America has yet to experience the full range of “blowback” from its overextended empire. But it is coming. In spite of the brazen posturing of U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta — with his underling Kim Kwan-jin, South Korea’s defense minister, at his side — that the U.S. will continue to flex its military muscle in Asia, the day will come when the so-called U.N. Command, always under American generals, will come to an end. This is a critical issue of Korean sovereignty. How would Americans react to the Pentagon’s coming under the command of Marshal Georgi Zhukov or Ghengis Khan? Korea cannot be fully sovereign as long as the U.S. continues its hegemonic control over the Republic of Korea.

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