Bad Atmosphere


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Bad Atmosphere is the culmination of decades worth of writing by Don Ogden focusing on aspects of climate change that moved him to put into words, feelings and thoughts evoked by “the greatest crisis of our time”. The preservation of forests, forest soils and even individual trees in the struggle to confront climate chaos is raised often in Ogden’s work. As renowned environmentalist, Bill McKibben remarks: “As we face the climate crisis, we need art as well as science to help us reach the deepest parts of ourselves and fight the necessary fight. Thank heaven for the leadership of poets!” Ogden, known by many as d.o., has been active in environmental issues for most of his life. His poetry and commentaries have appeared in a wide variety of publications and on national and local radio. “This work is really just another manifestation of the outreach I’ve been doing all along”, d.o. notes. “Poetry takes the critical issues surrounding the Climate Crisis deeper. I’m hoping people will internalize the information of climate disruption, not to become paralyzed and disempowered but instead to act upon their feelings creatively and productively, getting involved in the struggle to literally save the planet.”

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