The Body in the Bodleian: The third David Cholmondeley mystery, 1935-36


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Oxford sleuth, Lord David Cholmondeley (“chum-lee”), is a magnet for trouble. The usually quiet Oxford University campus of 1935-1936 becomes a crime scene when Lord Cholmondeley finds a dead body in the library, discovers that rare books have been vandalized, and spies something amiss in the ancient writings gallery of the Oxford museum. Always resourceful, the accident-prone Lord Cholmondeley uses every tool at hand, including a stray cat, to apprehend the villains.

Enid Keil Sichel is the author of The Physicist’s Cat, a humorous memoir. Her works of fiction include John Milton is Dead (2016) and Death and Turtles (2017). She is a physicist and a resident of South Hadley, MA

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