Taste the Love of Maple


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“We have had the privilege of serving Justamere Tree Farm maple syrup at our bistro for many years. We are proud to be able to offer this amazingly delicious organic syrup to our guests. Marian’s recipes featuring this nectar are absolutely delectable. We found the recipes easy to follow, precise yet innovative. I truly believe this book would be a great addition to any kitchen.”
—Ruth and Tim Pitts, Centre Street Bistro, Nantucket, Massachusetts

“Marian has shaped her life around the trees, and the passion she brings to the kitchen is inspiring. She takes us through the process of transforming sap into precious syrup, and she shows us just how to make the most of this perfect sweetener. If you’re looking for new recipes to nourish you, transform your diet, and sweeten your days, this book is for you.”
—Alana Chernila

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