Tale of Two Cabins


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“For brief, but profound moments, John Clapp and Henry David Thoreau look upon the world side by side. A loving book, The Tale of Two Cabins is crafted so the reader—as Thoreau would wish—saunters; destinations are encountered both by design and surprise yet there’s always a next step, an unexpected vista. Partly auto­biographical, partly meditative and anecdotal, this book champions imperiled woodlands, fields, transcend­entalism, a personal task, the quirks of family history and that wonderful human quality—a grin at one’s own past. The imperative of the next step for this carpenter, his spiritual queries and endeavor, the depth of love for his immediate family, and his trust—or at least hope—for his son’s future are all embraced and celebrated in the mixed narrative of this book. The affection which shines through these pages is both sustaining and precious. People who crave quiet around, and within themselves, who regard their world with at least some tenderness, will be moved, and well nourished by The Tale of Two Cabins.”
— Pamela Stewart, author of The Red Window, Ghost Farm, and Just Visiting.

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