Sexual Stealing


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Use coupon code: WENDY for $10 off!

. . . join it as you would an insurgency
— Daniel Levin Becker, from his introduction

A necessary necromancer, Wendy Walker summons ghosts from the gaps of the gothic. SEXUAL STEALING is built from shattered mysteries; it offers liberation via constraint, renders renewal via revision, and wields erasure as a weapon of the marginalized. It looks like poetry and dazzles like magic, but this is a book of reckoning. Page by page, line by line, and word by word it reconfigures the act of reading.
— Matthew Cheney

SEXUAL STEALING is a formally innovative interrogation of the Gothic, slavery, and sexual exploitation. Using a simple constraint as “a way to write the voices that are buried in full view”, Wendy Walker extracts a new text from Anne Radcliffe’s 1794 novel The Mysteries of Udolpho. Quotations and images, chiefly from late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century sources, comment upon and illuminate this beautiful, dangerous work.

Introduction by Daniel Levin Becker. With color and black and white illustrations throughout. 192 pp. Book design by Jerry Kelly
ISBN 13 978-0-9961359-7-9

Published by Temporary Culture.

WENDY WALKER is author of The Sea-Rabbit, or, The Artist of Life (1988), The Secret Service (1992), Stories out of Omarie (1995), Blue Fire (2009), My Man and other Critical Fictions (2011), and The Camperdown Elm (2017). She lives in Brooklyn.

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