Reality is Naked: Art, Music and Writing


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Ryan Bode Moriarty is unexplainable. This book/CD collection does not attempt to explain, analyze, canonize or excuse Ryan’s life. Rather, as curated and edited by his parents, Patty Bode and Mark Moriarty, it is an attempt to share the gifts that Ryan left after his untimely death at the age of 33 in 2018. His drawings, paintings, writings and music may take you as fellow travelers on his constant quest for understanding morality, and search for spirituality through guttural imagery and umber sounds rooted in some of the most primal human experiences, everyday musings and sparkling wit.

The book is an incomplete collection. To include the entire retrospective that Ryan left would have required more pages than provided here, as his parents explain, “We continue to uncover work that he stored in odd places, or that his friends send us through texts or social media posts from time to time. Many of his works may go forever unknown due to his propensity to give it away to anybody who displayed an affinity for his creations. But we know for sure that he felt the deepest joy when sharing his creative expressions with family, friends and strangers. We invite you to sink these gifts deeply into your spirit.”

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