Real World Micro


Required reading for

Professor Gerald Friedman

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Economics 103: Introduction to Microeconomics

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Edited by Rob Larson, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective.




Required reading for

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Economics 103: Introduction to Microeconomics


The thoroughly updated and revised 25th edition of Real World Micro contains new articles addressing the latest real-world issues and controversies, including the size and power of banks, the minimum wage, CEO pay, the “gig” economy, net neutrality, stock-market gyrations, nuclear plant closure, Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, and Trump’s tariffs and trade policy. This edition also includes a new policy-spotlight chapter on the causes of deindustrialization. The articles in Real World Micro bring complex topics to life and highlight the effects of economic change on communities, workers, and the environment.


Real World Micro’s engaging articles are drawn from the pages of Dollars & Sense,

the leading magazine of popular economics. Dollars & Sense also publishes Real

World Macro, The Wealth Inequality Reader, Current Economic Issues, Real World

Globalization, Labor and the Global Economy, Real World Banking & Finance, Real

World Labor, The Economics of the Environment, Introduction to Political

Economy, Unlevel Playing Fields, and Our Economic Well-Being.


Praise for Real World Micro:

“As textbooks become more conservative and less topical, I find that Dollars & Sense readers and books are more useful than ever in my undergraduate classes. They are jargon-free, up-to-date, and inexpensive—as well as consistently and thoughtfully progressive. I recommend them highly.”

— ROBIN HAHNEL, Portland State University


“The principles of economics textbooks (yes, even mine) tend to be on the dull side  and leave aspects of the economy and economics unchallenged. Real World Micro and Macro can spice up your course and lead students to ask the type of questions they should be asking.”

— DAVID COLANDER, Middlebury College


Praise for Dollars & Sense textbooks:

“I’ve had great success with Real World Micro. Students really like its short, snappy analysis of current events and feel challenged by its alternative viewpoint.”

— SUSAN HELPER, Case Western Reserve University


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