Raising a Bilingual Child


Raising a Bilingual Child provides both an overview of why parents should raise their children to speak more than one language and a step-by-step guide parents can use to integrate two languages into their child’s daily routine. If you are a relative or friend, you will learn to understand the needs of bilingual families.

Raising a Bilingual Child includes inspirational first-hand accounts from parents. It dispels the myth that bilingualism may hinder a child’s academic performance and explains that learning more than one language at a young age can actually enhance a child’s overall intellectual development.

Winner of the iMedia Award. Also available in Spanish, Polish, and Mandarin.
“Grounded in scientific research and backed up with case studies, Raising a Bilingual Child is informative, supportive, and inspirational.” —Multilingual Living Magazine.

Barbara Zurer Pearson lives in Amherst. She is retired from her 35-year research career studying bilingual acquisition at the University of Miami (FL) and then the University of Massachusetts.

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