Photographed Letters on Wings


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One of the untold yet essential stories of World War II is that of the two billion microfilmed letters that boosted morale at home and on the Front lines while freeing up much needed space for soldiers and supplies to be flown to the far corners of the world. From the remarkable process that took V-Mail letters and shrunk them so 1,600 could fit on one reel to the extraordinary advertising and artwork that sought to make their use widespread, Photographed Letters on Wings sheds light on both the history of microfilm and the letters that proved enormously beneficial to the war effort.

“Photographed Letters on Wings combines Tom Weiner’s indefatigable research with Bill Streeter’s passion for local history, providing a fresh look at WW II. Untold stories of that war are always welcome and Weiner and Streeter, with ample photos and quotes, give this one the attention and detail it deserves.”

—Bruce Watson, author of Sacco and Vanzetti, The Freedom Riders, Bread and Roses, and Light

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