Mammoth, Massachusetts


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Welcome To Mammoth, Massachusetts, Home of Unfortunate History

Mammoth, Massachusetts is a place between folklore and reality, both ancient and familiar. Venture deep into this world of sprites, goblins, swamps, and more to discover the origins of common monsters and experience the evolution of historic cryptids.

Mammoth is the olde town and the new city. It’s the forgotten mill and the secret passage. It’s the places everywhere that, try as we might, we cannot avoid and should not forget. This zip code catches forlorn stories of the past and weaves them with hope to create a vison of the future. Once you’ve traveled around a bit, you’ll notice Mammoth is a lot like a town you already know…

Melding history, fantasy, and humor, these 20 stories investigate virtues (and dangers) of the natural world, the importance of local legends, and what it means to be part of a community. Rambunctious inventive, and darkly compelling, genres range from delicate body horror to holiday overdose farce you’ll learn everything from how to make a witch, to why zombies infested Boston’s drinking water.

Speculative in the best sense of the word.
-Sara Rauch, author XO, What Shines From It

Jordan J Hall is a husband and father and lives in Belchertown, MA, but spends most of his time in Mammoth. His work can be found on and

CJ Gardella is an artist and filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn, NY

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