If I Were President: 29 alternative ideas for solving global problems


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OVER THE YEARS, Vincent “Vinny” Valetutti has conceived of many ideas and social solutions to global problems, but he has kept them mainly to himself. Thanks to Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish environmental activist, he was motivated to write this book.

Vinny has no set agenda aside from bringing peace and unity. He is not a Democrat, Republican, or an Independent. He is a realist, and readers will find that his ideas fall to the left, right, and center. In these pages, he presents twenty-nine concepts in these eight categories: Invitation to All World Leaders, Military, Constitutional Amendments, Capitalism, Social Issues, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, Health Care, and Patents.

Vinny is not a candidate for any office, including the presidency. He shares his thoughts only to enlighten and inspire, like young Greta. It is Vinny’s hope that, together, we can create a more unified, compassionate planet.

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