I Kiss Ghosts


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Is it any surprise that Melody Foti emerges as an artist and poet of note, and that her talents combine with marvelous results in her first published work?

With deeply-felt descriptions of the natural world and evocative insights on human nature, Melody has given us a rare volume of poetry—full of insight, passion and humor—matched with magical illustrations of her masterful Chinese watercolor painting. The poetry as well as the art are all by the author/artist herself, and the paintings are beautifully reproduced in this volume.

Kathryn Tracy, PHD, member of Back Porch Writers


About the Author

Raised in semi-rural upstate New York, Melody was a mile away from other children, but very close to her other friends: the birds, the trees, and the honeybees; this natural world grounds and informs both her writing and her art.

After completing undergraduate studies in art history and architecture (Wellesley, Sarah Lawrence and L’Ecole), Melody ventured forth without training for entering the job force. Not long after, she became a real estate financial analyst and later pursued an entrepreneurial career in finance, to which she’d been introduced by her corporate minded father.

A career in financial planning and investments unfolded. Then with a burst of optimism, she switched gears and went to Harvard Divinity School to pursue a career in changing the world. After 10 years of serving in the ministry, she returned to finance and continued where she had left off.

Melody has served on the boards of a variety of nonprofit organizations that work on environmental healing, improving the educational system, and spiritual development at community and individual levels. These personal commitments appear in full measure in this precious volume of poetry and art.

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