Healing My Life


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In chronicling the physical and spiritual steps she took to reclaim her life and peel away the layers of damage done by incest, Jenson has written a powerful narrative of one person’s healing journey. And though the subject matter is deeply serious, Jenson writes with her sense of humor firmly intact, reminding us that joy is possible in the face of great pain. Poignant, brave, and helpful, Healing My Life offers a much-needed testimony for anyone affected by or concerned about childhood sexual abuse.

“Healing My Life is a story that is unique and personal in its detail, yet also universal and human in its impact. If we could raise even one generation without violence or shaming, we have no idea what might be possible.”
—Gloria Steinem

“What an accomplishment! Taking the raw pain of incest, Donna Jenson has offered the world a generous dose of hope and delivered a clear message to survivors: healing is possible. Everyone who has survived childhood sexual abuse is stronger knowing each other’s journey. By eloquently sharing hers, Donna reminds us of a simple truth: we can heal.”
—Marilyn Vanderbur, Miss America 1958 who survived incest

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