Grandpa’s Well


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Book Description
This delightful children’s book is the retelling of a favorite family tale about a questionable and very surprising farm accident that will make you ask, “Really?”. The eruption of a desperately needed artesian well sends a farm boy skyward to the thrill of the ducks and the consternation of his parents.

Author description
Laura Fitch has been contemplating the creation of this book, based on a favorite tale of her own childhood, since her children were young. It took another generation for her to find the time and the right illustrator! Laura works as an architect in western Massachusetts, specializing in sustainable design and cohousing communities. Contact her at

Illustrator Description
Julia Griffin grew up in Amherst Massachusetts and now works as an illustrator in NYC. She loves fairy tales, weird animals, and dancing in her kitchen. Her work can be found in children’s books, magazines, book covers, and galleries. Visit her at

Designer Description
Isa Tetreault is a graphic designer based in the Portland, Maine area. Coming from a small town in central New Hampshire, she appreciates the close-knit community Portland has to offer. She started her career in the fine arts realm before realizing her passion for design and now looks for ways to combine the disciplines. Isa strives to connect with readers and viewers in a genuine manner and enjoys weaving humor into her work whenever possible. Contact her at

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