Goodnight, Ladies


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In this 100-page novella three women who’ve passed their 70th birthdays look around to find time short. How to spend these coming years? Nikki divides the days remaining into millions of minutes, Chessa gets a dog and Pru downsizes to a condo, only to discover that—with the loss of familiar objects—even her children begin to look a bit strange.

Readers say:

I love these Ladies, and I thanked every chapter of this novella for its intelligence, its dry wit, its dilemmas and victories, and for beautiful sentences that shine without preening. Truly, a pleasure.
—Elinor Lipman, author of The Inn at Lake Devine

I’m fascinated by the issues of age and solitude, which Zane Kotker deals with in a very appealing way—Goodnight, Ladies had me laughing out loud. Terrific writing, and the best, most unforced insights about age.
—Anthony Giardina, author of Norumbega Park

A haunting novella of linked stories, Goodnight Ladies illuminates the anguish of aging, the solace of memories, and the harrowing business of living alone. Her characters are spot-on believable and full of a just-bearable pathos. —
Anita Shreve, author of Stella Bain

Zane Kotker is the author of five novels, including Bodies in Motion and most recently The Inner Sea. Her widely reviewed fiction has prompted praise for its elegance and originality. She has also published nonfiction and a chapbook of poetry. Find more at

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