Form Is Emptiness


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This new title is an in-depth and intimate exploration of Zen Buddhist philosophy, practice and awakening. Specific pointers are offered on working with the mind and emotions, practicing deep zazen meditation and working intensely with koans and inquiry. Chapters on specific topics are followed by questions-and-answers that go the very heart of the issues discussed.

Form Is Emptiness: An Insider’s Guide to Zen Buddhism offers a unique and profound look into the very essence of Zen practice. The reader will be challenged to stretch beyond the limits of one’s mental maps and inspired to peer deeply into the heart-mind.

The author, Paul Gerstein, has been practicing Zen for the past 40 years. A medical doctor and ER specialist, Paul guides Zen students at The Living Dharma Center in Northampton, Mass. He is the first Dharma successor of Roshi Richard Clarke, its founder.

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