Camouflage of Noise and Silence


“Barry DeCarli is a metaphysical poet. He searches human behavior and human history for signs of the grand design, the lofty philosophies of life. He uses his own memories, hopes, and regrets and makes out of them metaphors for each one of us as we struggle through the events of our days, whether little triumphs or small disasters. Everywhere he looks he sees the dichotomies of noise and silence overwhelming the truths of daily living and how we camouflage ourselves, in myriad ways, to avoid hurt and disappointment. It’s been too long in our literary culture since poetry of this design has appeared. We should greet Barry DeCarli’s new book, Camouflage of Noise and Silence, not with utter silence but with joyful noise.”

Gary Metras, Easthampton, MA Poet Laureate 2018-2019

“In his third collection, Camouflage of Noise and Silence, Barry DeCarli visits the past, but is firmly rooted in the now. In a world where meaningful communication is elusive because of ‘so many pins dropping,’ his poems urge intimacy and attention. With curiosity and compassion, humor and irony, DeCarli wrestles with the weight of memory and the emptiness of an unexamined life. His voice reminds us that ‘the scars won’t take us back,’ that we must find emotional common ground.”

Gail Thomas, author of Waving Back and Odd Mercy

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