Butterflies and Fairies of Sanibel Island


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What captures a child’s attention more than seeing a colorful fluttering butterfly, a marching army of ants, or imagining being small enough to join the fairies living amongst the toadstools?

What captures a grandparent’s attention more than watching his grandchild enjoy the wonders of nature?

This is a short story about such a wonderful tale of a young girl who experiences some of these things with her grandfather who is an entomologist. Writing the story was easy. The more difficult challenge was to get his co-author, Mara, to spend enough time to listen to the script and draw what she heard. The majority of the story is true and is written by an entomologist who has the facts correct. Well, maybe all but the part about the fairies.

At the end of the book you can find information about how Mara’s art progressed from when she was 4 years old compared to two years later when she was 6. It was a great experience to see the transition and maybe this story should continue on to capture Mara’s interpretation at different ages. Most of the figures have been copies and enlarged to fit the pages.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as Grampy had in putting it together. I also hope it inspires you to embark on similar projects with other children.

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