Keeping the GROOVE after 70+


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From “Changing the Routine”

“Even though we’re talking about success and sometimes how hard it is to maintain it, keep it, and still have a level head, you know, just everyday living can get you down once in a while. Just the routine-ness of getting up, eating the same breakfast, shaving the same way, or putting on a uniform or a suit, sometimes it drags you down. I mean, it’s good to have a routine and sometimes it’s good to break a routine. “Okay, I’m going to get up and have some cereal.”

Oh, the other day, I got up, and I said I didn’t feel like cereal, and I had some eggs. I had some onions in it. I threw some peppers in it, threw some garlic in it and threw some lunch meat in it. I don’t know; I just threw everything in it I could think of, and it was good and different. I enjoyed it, and it made my whole day a little bit different because I started it out different.”

“He’s always fresh with ideas, spirit and freedom. So many players just go about their routine and play and pack up. When I play with Billy, I know the music can go anywhere if you’re open to it.  He’s always working on new things and sounds to bring to the music.  His love for music and creating improvised music is infectious.”— Jason Schwartz, Bass

“Billy’s positive energy is contagious, and his soul is ageless; he’s always living in the now. I’m thankful to be part of his musical family, and I feel lucky to know his generous spirit — and now we’re all lucky to have Billy’s inspiring stories, life lessons, and knowledge collected in a new book. No one can be as kind and as cool as “Mr. Clean,” but we should all try!” — Ken Maiuri, former Keyboard Player, Young at Heart Chorus



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