Bad Sleep


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A Key West Mystery of Pharmaceutical Intrigue

A footnote threatens the provenance of SAVENTIS’s new sleep drug. The annotation had been a sleeper in a minor self published book, awakened untidily almost by accident. The sleep-manufacturers—masters of oblivion—want them extinct: the footnote, the publication and its uncooperative author, Nick Ansbach.
It is with great pleasure that I report: accidents prevail. Some people, like Nick’s aged Aunt Rosie would rather trust in accidents than corporate vision anyway. And if I tell you that the story plays out in Key West, you’ll almost find the plot believable.

Siegfried Haug is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist and Insomnia specialist. He has taught at various universities and lives with his wife in the hills of western Massachusetts. When it gets too cold, they escape to Key West. Bad Sleep is his second book.

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