Alexandra Stepp and the Walking Mountain


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“All the others bolted from their sleep, filling their rooms with similar cries, White Feather at the woman who suddenly lunged at her, Becca at a woman who melted away taking with her all hope and leaving behind a pitch black saturated with despair, and Stars and Alexandra at a figure who shape-shifted repeatedly from an old woman to a boy to some kind of canine-headed humanoid, the shifting building in its pace until the figure stood vibrating among all three visages, fully awash in change except for the eyes and a grim mouth drawn tight across a confident smile.”

Alexandra Stepp knows she must travel north where her cousin, Becca, faces capture at the hands of a boy acting on behalf of a great evil, but most the adults in her life do not believe in her premonitions or concerns. Undeterred, she looks to her new friend, Stars, for support and encouragement in her intent to trek north and rescue her cousin. Stars, however, has her own journey to begin and her own part to play in facing and countering the growing threats presented by Matchi Manitou. White Feather Woman and Standing Elk find themselves dependent on the bravery, guile and determination of Stars and all the young people in their circle of influence to work together, defeat the great Manitou and restore balance to their world.

The fourth and final book in the series, The Walking Mountain concludes the story of Alexandra Stepp’s journey from little girl to young woman. These novels are coming of age adventure stories. I have worked to create characters who are both imperfect and admirable. I have relied upon Native peoples’ culture and explanations for the existence and balance between good and evil as the driving force for much of the action. I have also tried to limit the full appreciation and knowledge of this culture to the Native people characters. My intent and effort has sought to appreciate not

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