Alexandra Stepp and the Swift-footed Wind


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Alexandra Stepp is back, and not only can she tap into the Quiet Light, she now moves with the Swift-footed Wind. This new gift from the Great Spirit, Gitche Manitou, however, revives the jealousy of this brother, Matchi Manitou. Even as Alexandra makes new friends and seeks counsel from White Feather Woman, Matchi Manitou plots to trap her and usurp her gifts for his own use. Alexandra will need to rely on her friends, family, gifts, and her own cunning to out-maneuver and outrun the persistent reach of the dark Manitou.

The second in a four book series, The Swift-footed Wind continues the story of Alexandra Stepp’s journey from little girl to young woman. Look for the third book, Alexandra Stepp and the Lost Year coming in late 2016.

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