After the Rain


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Published in 2014 by Gallery of Readers Press. Second printing.

While Wright’s poems carry the heavy freight of human sadness, longing, and loss, they also celebrate joy through deeply felt meditations on familial love and a longstanding intimacy with the natural world. Nature is the primary lens through which the poet reveals territories of mind and heart that are alternately thrilling and unsettling. Beneath their lovely surfaces, the poems probe the questions we all ask: What does it mean to have human consciousness in a world that keeps its own counsel? How can we bear the grief of losing what we love? After the Rain is a book lit from within by language that clarifies and distills.
—Chase Twichell

An alert and loving eye for the natural world informs After the Rain, and through arresting moments of sadness and old griefs survived, Wright gives us solace and delight in a beautiful series of lessons in the alchemy of art.
—Christopher Lydon

Fashioned by the hand and heart of a seasoned sculler and a builder of dignified places, here are poems charged with the tingling awareness of a presence that longs to make itself known in all things and at all times. Jonathan A. Wright is occupied with rivers, stones, trees, skies, and also with the beautiful fleshliness of love, including its debris of grief.
—The Right Reverend A. Robert Hirschfeld

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