Achieving Racial Equity in the Workplace: A Guide for Leaders


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This book offers a proven strategy for creating racial equity in an organization. If you are wondering whether your organization has achieved racial equity, look to your management ranks. If they do not mirror the racial composition of the work force, racial equity is absent.

This book lays out a comprehensive, leader-driven strategy for changing the structures and practices in your organization that will enable it to achieve and maintain racial equity. The approaches described in the book are not theoretical. They have all been used and proven effective.

The author taught organizational management at the graduate level for seven years and has been a consultant for over thirty-five years. He spent twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies on issues of racial equity, and has consulted extensively in the business, governmental, educational, and non-profit sectors. He has a doctorate from Boston University with a specialty in organization development. For more information and updates, visit

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