Abbreviated Field Guide to Mammal Behavior: New England Region


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Abbreviated Field Guide to Mammal Behavior: New England Region includes species accounts of 30 wild mammals detailing particular aspects of their natural history. Succinct descriptions of each animal’s behavior follow the headings of Activity, Habitat, Communication, Food, Anatomy & Senses, Breeding, Gestation & Birth, Dispersal of Young and Miscellaneous.

If you wish to enhance your experience of animal tracking, delve more deeply into interpreting wildlife observations or simply learn more about wild mammal behavior in general, this field guide is designed to be slipped into your pocket as you head out the door. Whether you are a tracker, naturalist, hunter, conservationist or wildlife enthusiast, the Abbreviated Field Guide to Mammal Behavior will prove to be a valuable resource for enriching your understanding of and appreciation for the lives of wild animals.

KATHY DEAN has worked in the field of outdoor education since 1983 as a wilderness guide, rock climbing instructor and teacher of animal tracking, bird language and nature awareness. In addition to working with several nature education centers, she offers her own Women’s Wildlife Tracking Intensive and custom-tailored programs. Kathy currently holds a CyberTracker Level III Track and Sign Certification for the New England region. She lives in a small hill town at the end of a dirt dead-end road in western Massachusetts.

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