A General Theory of Desire


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Acclaim for Dick Bentley’s Post-Freudian Dreaming:

“Innovative, fresh, quirky, and wise,”
—Pat Schneider

“If you ever wondered what John Updike would read like on acid, trip out with Dick Bentley. He can take you far out and then surprise you by evoking ordinary life and feeling so unerringly. Flashbacks guaranteed.”
—Diane Lefer

“There seems to be no limit to where Bentley’s writerly mind might take him: barrooms, shabby-sad neighborhoods, radon-filled basements. Line after line leapt out at me sometimes elegant as Fred Astaire, sometimes like a monkey mugging with huge teeth.”
—Sharon Sheehe Stark

“Bentley has a really first-rate imagination. At times playful, at other times darkly satiric, at still other times, empathetic, it’s a talent that continually illuminates his work.”
—W. D, Wetherell

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