A Boston Love Story


The heart of this engaging  novel is the relationship between Luke, a college textbook editor, and Rosa, a curator at the Museum of Fine Arts. Early in their relationship, Luke suffers multiple injuries in a bicycle accident that leave his face scarred. Fearful that Rosa won’t be able to accept him, Luke struggles with his new identity. The narrative follows Luke and Rosa as they each come to terms with his injury and the future of their relationship.

Siddall’s first book, ‘Two Years in Poland and Other Stories,” (2008) was a memoir of teaching English in a high school as a Peace Corps volunteer following his retirement. The book also includes an account of driving overland from Europe to India in 1956, an adventure that culminated in his working his way back to the States on a freighter.

Born in China where his father was a medical missionary, Lawrence Siddall grew up in Oberlin, Ohio. He is a 1952 graduate of Oberlin College and holds advanced degrees from the University of Connecticut and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. A retired psychotherapist, he lives in Amherst.

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