Danger Under Ground


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Alice Ott is on the move again as she investigates a highly charged kidnapping. Her oldest friend Felicia, her dashing French lover Gerard, and their young tattooed friends Warp and RubyStarr, help Alice to expose the politically-motivated crime. The victim is the wife of Frank Hastings, a retired doctor who is leading the fight to stop a fracked gas pipeline that threatens to destroy the farms and villages of Oakfield. Alice suspects that the Global Energies Technologies corporation has a hand in the crime. She is dismayed when the doctor tries to cover-up his wife’s abduction, insisting that Emily’s increasing dementia will escalate if the police get involved. When the FBI is called in, the stakes get higher as Alice’s young friend RubyStarr becomes the primary suspect.

Tension mounts when the news of a deadly pipeline explosion is reported, and the G.E.T. corporation is once again implicated.

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